Addicted to Reiki Attunements

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These men and women feel if they can get the subsequent amount attunement, their life will enhance, they will turn into a much more successful practitioner, they will be far better able to handle specified situations, and many others. I know fist hand how this is due to the fact I utilized to be addicted to attunements, myself.When I 1st received concerned with Reiki I felt a require to grow to be attuned to the maximum stages of each fashion I could control. I imagined that the up coming attunement would make my Reiki more potent and powerful and this lead me on a in no way ending chase for the subsequent attunement. Following acquiring 7 attunements to various types of Reiki, I still was not pleased. It was at this position that I recognized I experienced grow to be addicted to attunements and I was hunting to them to make me a more effective practitioner...but it was not operating.

With some inward reflection, I noticed that it wasn't a lot more attunements that would make me a far better practitioner it was, alternatively, clearing absent my limiting beliefs, damaging thoughts and psychological blocks that would empower me to have clearer entry to the Reiki energy. Now, I know that a lot of manuals train that this is specifically what an attunement does for us and I don't dispute that but soon after so a lot of attunements above a time period of a littler in excess of a year, I nonetheless was not viewing the adjustments I was looking for. As a result, I took it upon myself to actively operate with these troubles.I wrote down all the restricting beliefs I realized I experienced, all the emotional damage from my past and my fears for the current and long term and started functioning with them. Soon after a couple of months of clearing away these constraints, I identified I was far better able to assist myself, my household and my clients. Ultimately, I was viewing the outcomes I experienced wanted for so long. Then probably the most important revelation arrived...if I experienced just entirely utilized the Usui Reiki and used it to the proper regions of my life I wouldn't have essential all these other attunements. Even though I never regret the other attunements and I do not regret finding out as considerably as I did, I do understand that it did not support me obtain my greatest objective. This just isn't to say it's a undesirable thought to branch out and find out one thing more than what you have been originally taught but my impression is that if your purpose is to turn out to be a greater practitioner (and you've long gone as much as you can in a particular design such as Usui), free reiki attunement level 3 chasing attunements isn't really the way to get there. Rather, go within and locate out what is blocking you in your daily life and use what you already have to aid distinct it absent. Then, when the internal operate is carried out, if you truly feel a desire to find out a lot more you may know your selection isn't primarily based simply on an habit to attunements.