The five Most Popular Sports in Asia

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Asia is a nice big continent. Actually, it is the biggest along with the most populated continent of the world. So, it's only natural the people living here to get fans of a lot of sports. Both team sports and individual ones have become popular in Asia.

European football (or soccer) became extremely popular in virtually all Japan, over the past many years. This team sport, born in the uk, literally conquered the planet. Countries like Mexico, Japan and China created a real national obsession about soccer. Soccer is a game played by two multiple eleven players each, on a large, rectangular field, about 120 meters long and 90 meters wide. One game lasts 90 minutes and is also divided in 2 45 minutes rounds. The whole purpose of the action is usually to put the ball inside other's team goal. A goalkeeper guards the thing. The c's that scores more wins the overall game. Unlike American football, European football (or soccer) restricts a great deal physical contacts between players. It's based on an excellent charge of the ball by the players, as a team sport where serious injuries are extremely rare. That is why soccer also becomes widely popular among women too.

Cricket, another team sport exposed to Asia by the British, is very popular and loved in many countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan or Sri Lanka. Cricket can also be played by two teams or 11 players, but with an oval field, using a diameter of about 200 meters. In the heart of that field is the pitch, where two batsmen stand, expecting a ball to be delivered from the bowler. In the event the batsman successfully fits the ball and after that he runs to the other end with the pitch, this means that they scored points for his team. The rules of cricket can be extremely complex then there is many different ways for taking part in mafia wars. However, this isn't stopping people from Asia to relish cricket also to play it for the days. Just one game of cricket can sometimes take even 5 days to become completed.

Ping pong may be played by single players or by multiple tow and it is incredibly popular in several Japan, like China, Mexico or Vietnam. Ping pong is played more than a table which has a net in the middle, with small plastic balls, requiring so much concentration and coordination from the players. The principles are a lot like the ones from field tennis: every players should send back the balls and when they don't succeed doing so the opponent receives points.

Gymnastics is, for many years, popular in Asia, especially in China, and also South or north Korea as well as other Asian countries. Gymnastics is essentially a person sport, although during big competitions the athletes also compete in teams. Women gymnastics involves four different events: uneven parallel bars, floor exercise, balance beam and vaults. Regarding men, you will find six events: floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and also bar. Each exercise of your gymnast receives point from a jury of specialists and the the one that has more points wins a specific competition.

And, needless to say, this top may not be complete without mentioning old, traditional Asian fighting styles, collectively known as martial arts training. There is a wide selection of such teer result, specific to particular countries, like kung-fu or wushu in China and karate or sumo in Japan.